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I want to thank you beyond mere words for the amazing transformation that has come over our family since we tapped into your excellent skills.

My son with asthma used to cough irritatingly for some months following the many colds he succumbed to. Since he started taking your prescribed herbs, he hasn’t used his puffer and no longer gets an asthma cough and rarely even gets a cold. The cold and flu herbs have meant that our family has not suffered from cold and flu for many years. At the first signs of a cold the herbs are administered which gives the body strength to stop the descent into illness and starts recovery immediately. This has been a godsend during our years of travel through the Middle East and even in the Canberra winter. 

As we now have a few herbal remedies besides the cold and flu and asthma recovery, the allergy (cat) herbs have meant our most sensitive child is in fact the cats best friend and cuddle companion. My husband (the unbeliever) is shocked. 

We also use and love the mushroom powder and drops for immune strength, 'Bright eyes' tonic to slow what was my rapid deterioration possibly due to family diabetes. My daughter and I love the sleep drops which we don’t need very often and my sons ingrown toe infection of 3 years has finally subsided with help from the herbal wash. 

I thank you for your assistance to me over the phone whilst I live interstate and to my daughter when she needed urgent iron help.

I will be in touch soon to order some good talcum-free baby powder for friends with a new baby. 

Thank you again for going in-depth and finding the cause of our health issues and fixing that. 

Our family is blessed with really good health and I cannot remember how many years since we visited the Doctor with health issues.

Cheers and warm regards

Sheelagh Loss

Sheelagh Loss