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Stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome

Many years of clinical practice has taught me, both professionally and personally, that stress, anxiety and fatigue have profound consequences for our health. Having worked as a chef in the hospitality sector for well over a decade I am intimately acquainted with stress and anxiety!

Many of the people I treat feel like 'the walking dead' - people who have been running themselves on low energy for too long or whose lives have had too many demands on them. Conversely, some patients have had illness thrust them into despair with sudden onset Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic encephalitis (ME).

My treatments and protocols have brought the 'walking dead' back to life with gradual restorative treatments.

Did you know that chronic fatigue can:

- alter your thyroid and metabolism, making you gain weight

- disrupt sleep patterns causing insomnia despite feeling exhausted

- disturb digestion allowing for opportunistic pathogen overgrowth, bowel irregularities, IBS, nausea, 'leaky gut' and a host of other digestive symptoms

- trigger inflammation markers leading to widespread inflammation throughout the body despite all conventional testing coming back as 'normal' 

- dysregulate the endocrine system leading to hormone imbalances, blood sugar disturbances and potentially autoimmune disease

- cause irritation the urinary system leading to frequent urination during the day and night

- cause generalized aches and pains; fibromyalgia

- suppress the immune system

- cause extreme sensitivity to light, sound and touch

- trigger irritability, mood changes and apathy

- cause chronic forgetfulness, confusion

- instigate 'crashes' - periods of hours, days or months of debilitating can't-get-out-of-bed fatigue

- bring about depression and despair due to lack of knowledge and acceptance by the loved ones and the medical community for a seemingly invisible and therefore untreatable condition

Fatigue can be a slippery slope if left untreated.

Do not join the tribe of the 'missing millions' who are slipping through the cracks in conventional medicine.

Act now.

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