I’ve been a professional Naturopathic Practitioner since 2008. During the early years of my apprenticeship in hospitality I became fascinated with the Ayurvedic system of plant medicine and discovering that herbal tinctures and extracts had been used for thousands of years and are an intrinsic part of every culture.

'Plants as medicine' was my light bulb moment. Prior to that, I had had no experience with traditional and alternative forms of medicine. I thought there was only one type of doctor - the western doctor of allopathic medicine!

After years of getting burned out by a demanding industry I wanted a change in career and I came back to the concept of plant medicine.

At that point I had no idea what a naturopath even was until I started investigating how I could study this plant medicine! In 2003 I enrolled in a herbal college set upon 5 acres of lush gardens teeming with western and ayurvedic medicinal plants. So passionate was I about my new career I set up The Herbal Body and started practising other modalities while still in my third year of study!

Starting a family was a turning point for me and as a tired mum I started experiencing health challenges associated with stress and fatigue.

Through personal experiences I can relate directly to the physical signs and symptoms created by fatigue that are diagnostically undetectable. There are millions of people around the world who do not present with a 'real medical condition.' They are told they are lazy, depressed or 'it's all in your head.' Sometimes they start to believe that maybe it IS all in their own head but their bodies do not lie.

I’m dedicated to helping my patients with this affliction and other 'invisible illnesses' move through a wide range of physical and emotional  transitions. You are the people I believe I can help. Reclaim your energy, your immunity, your joy.